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Marin Goleminov Logo
Marin Goleminov Logo

Making Ideas Stand Out

Female Programmer uploading code to a robot in front of her, who in turn is overviewing human workers on a dashboard.

Taming AIs

Spherical robot with tentacles inspects floating documents around him

Organising the Web

The Problem with Plastic

Marin Goleminov in front of paintings by him during the vernissage of his exhibition Space, Ink. Photo by Clemens Fabry

This is what I do, Hi

I create visuals for concepts that are hard to visualise.

As an Illustrator and Motion Designer it’s important to find new and inventive ideas. The secret formula? Lots of imagination and years of experience.

If the work I've created grabs you and you’re looking to give your next project that special visual kick, be sure to get in touch.

Woman leaning against the wind, in front of a rough sea and dramatic sky

Europe's Crisis

Two giant hands are pouring staff and office equipment from two test tubes into a larger vessel


A company building almost sliding off the eroded rock underneath, held in position by a thin scaffol

Economic Life Support

The silhouette of a startled couple sitting outside at a table, overviewing a dramatic landscape with dark clouds above, while a lightning bold strikes down

Europe's Fracture Lines

Medical Illustration of a meniscus, as seen from above

Knee Surgery

Four people in dark suit are seen from slightly above, hiding under a giant leaf

Green Cartels

A giant hand is holding a piece of sharp edged, cubic piece of mineral over an open mining facility.

Raw Materials

A floating woman is guiding a floating man out of what looks like a giant, bright screen into the next

Digital Onboarding

A woman riding her anti-gravity scooter amidst other floating vehicles, in front of needle-like skyscrapers.

Europe's Future

Three sheep following electron orbitals around what looks like a tiny dark atomic nucleus

Science Communication

Medical Illustration of Coxarthrosis (Hip Arthrosis)

Hip Surgery

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